Aims & Scope

The International Practical Internet Conference "Challenges of Science" is a significant conference that brings together experts from around the world to share, discuss, and advance academic research and innovations in the fields of social sciences, humanities, natural and technical sciences. The primary purpose of this conference is to encourage researchers to solve the problems for society benefits by giving innovative ideas and studying research issues, fostering the emergence of new ideas, and promote the effective use of technology in higher education.

The conference provides online publishing in the rapidly evolving digital world by creating a platform for communication and collaboration among researchers, educators, students and industry experts. It encourages authors to share, discuss, and exchange knowledge and best practices, offering opportunities to stay updated on current issues of science and find solutions.

The objectives of the Conference "Challenges of Science" are to share Academic Research and to explore innovations by providing an opportunity to discuss the latest research results obtained in the fields of innovative technologies and education. Researchers share their projects, present their findings, and receive feedback from reviewers and experts. Authors discover innovative approaches, the latest technological developments, and future-oriented trends. This conference empowers authors to progress in the technology-driven field of education through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration.

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